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Appliance Fix can repair, install and service your washing machines where ever you are in Melbourne.

Appliance Fix – Washing Machine Repairs Melbourne


Washing machine not doing it’s job? Don’t throw it away into landfill, give Appliance Fix – Washing Machine Repairs Melbourne – a call! Appliance Fix can repair and fix your washing with most common faults that occur in both top loading and front loading washing machines.

Washing Machine Repairs All Over Melbourne

Take a read below for some common faults and problems that occur with Washing Machines.


Unit will not drain away

  • Check for foreign objects in the drain pump / filter area as these can jam the drain motor – See manufacturer’s user manual for further instructions
  • Is you drain hose kinked or trapped?
  • Check at the end of your drain hose, including the plumbing of which the hose connects onto
Unit bangs around

  • Have you underloaded the unit? Underloading causes more movement in the drum than overloading as the clothes sit on one side of the drum and can act like a counter weight when spinning / tumbling therefore causing strange noises. Recommend minimum is 50 – 75% drum load for better results
Unit is starting to smell or build mould

  • Every 3 – 6 months complete a high temperature wash to remove any unwanted mould internally. Recommend 60 degrees plus, with detergent and NO CLOTHES
  • When not in use, leave the door and detergent draw open so it can air out and stop mould building

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting options and your washing machine is still not performing as well as it should, it might be time to give Appliance Fix a call. Get in touch with us via our contact page or phone us on

1300 977 583

All Tumble & Clothes Dryer Brands

Appliance Fix can install, repair and repair on all major (and not so major) clothes dryer manufacturers.

Washing Machine Repairs all over Melbourne

Appliance Fix can install, repair and repair on all major (and not so major) washing machine manufacturers.

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