Dishwasher Repair Melbourne

Appliance Fix can repair, install and service your dishwasher no matter where you are located in Melbourne or in the suburbs.

Appliance Fix – Dishwasher Repair Melbourne


Dishwasher not working or leaving you with poorly cleaned dishes? Call Appliance Fix for your dishwasher repair in Melbourne and throughout the surrounding suburbs.

Appliance Fix don’t charge a call out fee or an hourly rate on our repairs, installs and services of any appliances. It’s a simple and upfront flat rate which includes a call out fee and 30 minutes worth of labour time. If the technician needs to return to fit in a part etc, there will be no further call out fee, with labour simply charged in small 15 minutes increments.

Appliance Fix - Dishwasher Repair Service Melbourne
Appliance Fix - Dishwasher Repair Service Melbourne
Appliance Fix - Dish Washer Repair Melbourne

Dishwasher Repairs all over Melbourne

Some common problems that occur with dishwashers include,

Dishwasher unit won’t drain away

  • Check for foreign objects in the drain pump / filter area as these can jam the drain motor. See manufacturer’s user manual for further instructions
  • Is your drain hose kinked or trapped?
  • Check at the end of you drain hose, including the plumbing of which the hose connects onto
Dishwasher does not wash correctly

  • Are you spray arms free to rotate once unit is loaded? Spin with your hand before closing the door
  • Are the spray arm holes jammed with food? The spray arms rotate based on water force through the small holes in your spray arms. If these are clogged with food they will prevent the arms from rotating
Dishwasher Unit displays “Check Water” message

  • Do you have water available to the unit via your tap (usually under the kitchen sink)
  • Is the inlet hose trapped or kinked?
  • Do you have the right water pressure going into the unit? See manufacturer’s user manual for specific details on pressure requirements

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting options and your dishwasher is still not working as it should, it’s time to give Appliance Fix a call. Get in touch with us at via our contact page or phone us on

1300 977 583.

All Dishwasher Brands

Appliance Fix can install, repair and repair on all major (and not so major) dishwasher manufacturers.

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