Induction Hot Plate Repair Melbourne

Appliance Fix can repair, install and service your induction hot plate where ever you are located in Melbourne.

Appliance Fix – Induction Hot Plate Repairs Melbourne


Having problems with your hot plate? Appliance Fix are the team to call for your induction hot plate repairs in Melbourne.

Appliance Fix charges are uncomplicated and easy to understand. We charge a simple and upfront call out fee and this includes 30 minutes worth of labour. If your hot plate needs parts for repair, we’ll quote you on the options. If we need to come back, a labour fee is charged in small 15 minute increments.

Appliance Fix have been helping Melburnians with their appliance repairs for over 15 years. For friendly and professional service on all of your appliances in the kitchen and laundry, get in touch with us.

Appliance Fix - Induction Hot Plate Repair Service Melbourne
Appliance Fix - Hot Plate Repair Service Melbourne
Appliance Fix - Hot Plate Repair Melbourne

Induction Hot Plate Repairs all over Melbourne

  • If you’ve turned on the switch and the induction hasn’t started, check the to see if the controls are locked. If it still doesn’t start up after you’ve unlocked and there’s still no heat, this may be an electrical issue.
  • Cleaning tip! Make sure that your induction hot plate has cooled before you start cleaning.
  • Make sure that you use cookware that us lightweight and recommended for use on an induction cooktop.

If you’re having issues with your induction hot plates and don’t know where to turn, give Appliance Fix a call. Contact us at our contact page or phone us on 1300 977 583.

All Induction Hot Plate Brands

Appliance Fix can install, repair and repair on all major (and not so major) induction hot plate manufacturers.

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