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Appliance Fix can repair, install and service your tumble / clothes dryers where ever you are in Melbourne.

Appliance Fix – Clothes Dryer Repairs Melbourne


Is your clothes dryer not performing like it used to? Get the experts at Appliance Fix to have a look at what might be causing your tumble / clothes dryer not doing it’s job anymore.

Unlike other clothes dryer repair places around Melbourne, Appliance Fix don’t have complicated fees and charges. We charge a simple and upfront rate. If your clothes dryer needs parts for repair, we’ll quote you on the options and when the technician returns, further fees with only be charged in small 15 minute increments.

Appliance Fix - Clothes Dryer Repair Service Melbourne
Appliance Fix - Tumble Dryer Repair Service Melbourne
Appliance Fix - Tumble Dryer Repair Melbourne

Clothes Dryer Repairs all over Melbourne


  • Does the condenser need cleaning? Most dryers now have a condenser that is accessible to the customer and this needs regular cleaning
  • Do the door filters need to be cleaned?
  • Do any warning messages or icons appear on your dryer display causing it to stop?

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting options and your clothes dryer is still not working, it’s time to give Appliance Fix a call. Contact us at our contact page or phone us on 1300 977 583.

All Tumble & Clothes Dryer Brands

Appliance Fix can install, repair and repair on all major (and not so major) clothes dryer manufacturers.

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